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Treadmill running machine isolation pads


If other people are complaining about noise from your treadmill / gym equipment then these pads will solve your problem.

The pads are a mix of vibration isolators made from superior combination of vibration damping materials. By combining ultra high performance elastomers with bearing plates, outstanding vibration isolation values are achieved for the most problematic equipment.

Vibration pads are available for any treadmill application. Vibration isolation efficiencies up to 99% and over 40dB reduction are commonly achieved, eliminating noise transfer into other areas.

Although they will work with cheaper domestic type equipment these are specifically designed for the larger professional machines used in commercial gyms. Do not be fooled by cheaper immitations, this product is robustly designed, and manufactured, to perform at the highest level.

Treadmill running machine isolation pads

Product Data

Standard Thickness



Standard Sizes


127x177mm - Rear Mounts, 127x457mm - Front Mounts

Static Deflection


Lightweight case:
45kg user
Deflection 1 to 2 cm

Heavyweight case:
136kg user
Deflection 2 to 3 cm

Water, Petrol, Alkali and fuel resistance



The Treadmill Isolation Pads are inherently non-slip. The pads are sold by the set and a set consists of 2 front and 2 rear pads. For other special applications please contact us.

Treadmill running machine isolation pads

Application Guidelines

Place one pad under each of the four treadmill feet. The floor under the treadmill should be clean and free of debris and all machine cords should have some free play.

Ensure the front pads are installed in the front and the rear pads are installed at the back of the unit. Lift the equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications and use proper safety procedures. Lower the treadmill into place and ensure that the foot is centred on the mounts. Please note that even deflection occurred.

Please Note:These units are specifically engineered for solid concrete floors. Using them on timber floors is unlikely to provide the levels of low frequency isolation stated. There may also be secondary issues with sympathetic vibrations when using a treadmill and isolator in a timber floor environment.

These isolation pads are designed for high end commercial treadmills. There are designed to be able to withstand constant use, 24 hours a day, without falling apart like cheaper alternatives. If you have a noise complaint due to treadmill use then in most cases, without any additional materials, these units will alleviate the problem making the noise below insignificant.

Installation Guidelines

Proper installation and positioning of the front pads is as follows:

  • With the treadmill at its lowest position, mark the location of the front wheels on the floor.
  • Raise the treadmill to its highest (likely used) height and mark the new location of the front wheels on the floor.
  • Measure the distance between these two points.
  • Divide this measurement by 2.
  • This new measurement represents the distance the levelling wheel must be in front of the centre point in the mount when the mount is being installed on the machine while the machine is at its lowest elevation.
  • Treadmill mounts must be in line with the middle of the levelling wheel and straight and in line with the machine.
  • Treadmill mounts should be checked daily to see if they have moved or been bumped out of position, and returned to their correct position if necessary.

NOTE: If the full travel was 200mm - then while the machine is at its lowest position, the levelling wheel needs to be 100mm in front of the middle of the mount.

Acoustic Isolation

Reduces low frequency treadmill noise by 5-15dB between 20-80Hz.

treadmill acoustic isolation graph

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