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Timber acoustic doorsets for internal applications

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(please note there is approx. 5 week lead time on this product).


Acoustic Timber Doors available in a wide range of wood and laminate finishes and are fire rated. Supplied as complete assemblies including frame, doorleaf seals and hinges they can be used wherever higher sound reduction performance is required between noise sensitive areas.

Sound Reduction

Rw= 35dB

Please Note: Unlike some other manufacturers, our acoustic doors were tested in an operable installation and not 'fully caulked'.

Other acoustic performance / fire ratings may be available on request.

Fire Rating

35dB doorsets are FD30 fire rated.


A wide range of veneer options are available please contact our technical department for more information.

Frames and Architraves

If you require a veneered door you may also want a close matching, same species, timber frame. We can do this as an optional extra. Architrave to match the frame can also be supplied if we are made aware what profile is required.


A paint ready primed only finish is also available.

Nominal Sizes

Standard Structural Opening Size: 2095x1005mm

35dB doorleafs are 44mm thick

Standard door frame 150x32mm hardwood section complete with 75x15mm door stop and optional 10mm threshold. Different frame depths can be supplied upon special request.

Nominal Weight

Single leaf 35dB doorset approx. 74Kg.


Vision Panels

If vision panels are required our standard FD11 allows for two rectangular ones as shown in the image above.

Acoustic Seals

Perimeter seals are integrally fitted in the frames and an automatic lift threshold seal at the base of the door leaf. Other seals as required.


Doorsets are supplied with Class 13 ss butt hinges and seals prefitted.

Handles and lockcases etc. are usually supplied and fitted by others to suit the rest of the building.


Installed in a similar manner to standard timber doors.

Doorsets are supplied at a moisture content of 6-12% and should not be brought on site until conditions are suitable.

Wet trades should be completed and the building dried out. Do not build-in or install frames as first fixings.

All information contained in these details is given in good faith but without warranty.
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