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Tecsound SY50-ALU
Foil Faced, Oil Resistant, High Performance Acoustic Damping Membrane

Aluminium foil faced visco elastic Acoustic Membrane Insulation 
Tecsound acoustic membranes

Recyclable and made from 68% Recycled Material Fillers

  • Foil Faced.
  • Easier to use, cut and trim.
  • Supplied in roll form.
  • Airborne noise reduction.
  • Very high acoustic performance.
  • Class0 fire rating.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Unbeatable flexibility even down to -20°C.
  • Improved low frequency performance.
  • Oil resistant.
  • Easy to shape and form.


Tecsound SY50-ALU is a polymer-based, bitumen-free, high density synthetic soundproofing membrane, that offers good acoustic insulation coupled with an oil resistant, reinforced, aluminium foil facing. It has extremely high visco-elasticity as well as being extremely flexible even in cold temperatures.

This damping material is unique. Unlike most other foil faced damping sheets which are bitumen based, Tecsound is not only Class0 fire rated but it tolerates extremes of temperature. It will not harden and crack when it gets cold thus reducing acoustic efficiency. It is also 5kg/m² whereas many other bitumen based products are between 1kg/m² and 2kg/m² and therfor not as effective at damping thicker metalwork over 0.25mm.


  • Rw25dB for a single layer (@5kg/m²) (test certificate 4.042.669) and around 32dB for a 10kg/m² double layer.
  • High acoustic insulation.
  • Acoustically equivalent to lead of the same surface weight.
  • Ideal for machinery, cars, engine enclosures, ductwork etc.
  • Improved low frequency performance.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Class0 fire rating. (test certificate 4026067)
  • Airbus Industry (ATS-1,000 . 001) APPROVED
  • Great elongation capacity.
  • Easy handling and adaptable to uneven surfaces.
  • Cold and heat resistant.
  • Excellent ageing resistance.
  • Rotproof.

Fire Performance

Euroclass B, s2, d0 in accordance with UNE-EN 13823:2002 and UNE-EN-ISO 11925-2:2002. (which is considered to be better than the old British Standard Class 0 rating)

  • B - Contribution to combustion is very limited. Demonstrated that the fire is not propagated beyond the strict area in which it has been applied.
  • s2 - Average amount and speed of emission of smoke.
  • d0 - No flammable drops or particles are produced.

This classification places the T range at the forefront of soundproofing membranes in terms of fire resistance. It is the first soundproofing membrane on the market to receive Euroclass Certification . To give you an idea of how good this is, Euroclass Standards above B (A1 and A2) can only be awarded to incombustible materials. Materials between Euroclass A and B can be considered the safest in case of fire, whilst those of level C and below can begin to be considered dangerous.
Worthy of note is that the tests were carried out directly on the product with no incombustible protection such as laminated plasterboard or metal plate and, on the self adhesive version, which makes the result all the more significant.

Density1.9g/cm³ (+/-0.05)
Pliability (UEAtc)Does not break when bent at -20°C
Elongation (UNE 104-281/6.6300%
Crushing strength4.84kg/cm²
Fire resistanceEuroclass B, s2, d0 (Class0 to UK equivalent)
Continuous operating temperature70°C (short term 100°C)
Melting point40°C
Acoustic performanceSee system data sheets
Size6m x 1.22mm rolls

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