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STAPUT contact spray adhesive 

Part Code A260

A new generation synthetic rubber/resin adhesive which is extremely strong and will outperform all conventional aerosol adhesives due to its unique formula. The adhesive bond/peel strength of this glue is 120 Newton meters which is the same pressure that is required to keep the wheel on your car.

This Contact Adhesive has excellent high temperature resistance (110°C), therefore it is most suitable for many automotive and marine applications and anywhere a high temperature adhesive is required.

Of course an evaluation of the adhesive should be carried out in application conditions before commercial use is undertaken, but we have not yet found an application where it didnt work, however, it is not suitable for highly plasticised PVC as it can cause plasticiser migration over time.

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 contact spray adhesive

Specifically designed for bonding high-pressure laminate to various substrates. Due to its pressure sensitive qualities, the adhesive is suitable for a variety of applications in the manufactured housing, general construction, RV, marine, woodworking, furniture, textile, HVAC and upholstery industries. It can be used on porous and many non-porous surfaces.

The glue is particularly useful for sticking mineral wool and fibreglass insulation to walls and ceilings. It can also be used for sticking down flooring products. Over the years we have tested over 20 different adhesives and this is by far the best.

PLEASE NOTE: BOTH the material and substrate should be sprayed with the web in opposing directions. The adhesive must be left to go tacky before the two surfaces are applied to each other. If you spray the glue and apply immediately the bond will not work ! Generally this time is between 2-4 minutes depending on ambient temperature and airflow.

The can must be well shaken before use.


Spray Pattern:
Shelf Life:

One Year


Adhesive Coverage:
Can Size: Temperature:

Approx. 8m²/Can.

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