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resilient barresilient barresilient barresilient barresilient bar

Acoustic Resilient Bar Isolation System

  • For walls & Ceilings
  • Suitable for concrete wall/ceilings
  • Suitable for Timber wall/ceilings
  • Can be used to meet New Building Regs
  • Easy Installation
  • High impact & airborne reduction
  • Easy to cut
  • Light-weight
  • Low cost
  • Recyclable

Part Code A270

Resilient Bar is a thin metal channel designed to substantially improve the sound insulation of plasterboard walls and ceilings. Our Resilient Bars are Robust Detail Approved and Tested. Do not be fooled by inferior, untested products that may simply look similar.

The channel effectively isolates the plasterboard from the studwork, eliminating 'direct contact' to dissipate sound which would normally be transferred through the frame. This system is easy to install and produces dramatic results especially when trying to reduce impact noise through floors.

plasterboard resilient bars

Our resilient bars, or resilient channels as they are sometimes called, are superior quality and highly flexible unlike other types that are on the market which are just too rigid to have a beneficial effect.

For Example:
If installed correctly, Laboratory tests show that including Custom Audio Designs Robust Detail Approved Resilient Bars in a standard separating floor buildup can increase airborne and impact reduction by ΔRw+Ctr17dB and ΔLn,w17dB respectively.

SRL Report Number C/09/5L/20805/R01a

Maximum Loading: With bars spaced at 400mm centres the maximum recommended Uniform Distributed Load is 35kg/m²

Even greater improvements in soundproofing can be gained by:-

resilient bar channels

resilient bar channels

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resilient bar channels

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