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Jocavi ATP Acoustic Panels and Home Cinema Treatment packsJocavi ATP Acoustic Panels and Home Cinema Treatment packsJocavi ATP Acoustic Panels and Home Cinema Treatment packsJocavi ATP Acoustic Panels and Home Cinema Treatment packsJocavi ATP Acoustic Panels and Home Cinema Treatment packs

Recording Studio Accessories

microphone protector

Microphone Protector

This accessory is more useful to sound engineers and technicians than to musicians themselves.

This accessory is original, unique, highly necessary and in high demand. It is often used by sound engineers to capture more of the individual sounds when a number of instruments are in close proximity to each other.

The MP1® surrounds the microphone, isolating more of the sound that is captured which can be extremely useful at live events when utilising nosie gates and compressors as it provides them with more accurate control.

It is ideal to use under and over snare drums, as well as floor toms, jazz bass drums, guitar amplifiers, basses or whatever requires more close miking.


  • Insulation protector for microphones.
  • Acoustically separates sound capturing.
  • Fits most microphone models.
  • Installation: on a microphone tripod.
  • Dimensions: 220 x 110 x 85 mm.
  • Colour: gray, transparent and glossy.

microphone protector


This accessory works as a close acoustic diffuser for trumpeters, trombonists and sax players.

It is applied around the microphone and provides the musician with the direct return of the sound that they play.

Besides the advatage to the musician it also provides benefits to the sound engineer as it helps isolates the mic from the sound that comes from the foldback monitors.

Its curved shape is optimised with the aim of focusing on the musician the reflected sound in the most efficient way.


  • Acoustic reflecor for wind instruments.
  • Increases the return of direct sound to musician.
  • Isolates against foldback speakers.
  • Installation: on a microphone tripod.
  • Dimensions: diameter 290mm.
  • Colour: Transparent and Glossy.

microphone protector

Pop Off

Sometimes a singers voice can cause clipping on the mic membrane.

The Pop Off is an ideal filter for the microphone which reduces the popping or sibilance effects without reducing the dynamics.

It has a strong flexible arm which is securely fastened to the tripod.

Its curved shape is optimised with the aim of focusing on the musician the reflected sound in the most efficient way.


  • Microphone filter.
  • Eliminates popping and sibilance.
  • Installation: on a microphone tripod.
  • Dimensions: diameter 165mm.
  • Colour: Black.


Vocal Mic Reflection Filter

This parabola shaped accessory is a creative aid for the engineer enabling significant tonal variations by adjusting the position between the unit and the microphone.

The bell is sealed which improves the isolation from the room environment by reducing the amount of reflected energy from room surfaces making the captured sound more authentic.

The VRM Filters interior is made from three different absorbent materials and works extremely well in untreated rooms.

It can be used for singers as well as instruments.


  • Acoustic microphone bell.
  • Isolates the microphone from room effects
  • Installation: on a microphone tripod.
  • Dimensions: 580x380x240mm.
  • Colour: Grey and Black.


Sub Woofer Base

The SWB is a key piece for your setup when you use a sub-woofer. This accessory is essential for reducing the vibrations that result from the physical popagation of LF to other units within the same room.

The top part is stiff and causes a weight distribution across the whole area in contact with the floor.

The sizes are generally within the standards of most manufacturers of this type of speaker.

There are two different sizes: SWB1 and SWB2.


  • Anti vibration speaker abse.
  • Two sizes available
  • Installation: placed on the floor.
  • Dimensions: SWB1 400x400x90mm.
  • Dimensions: SWB2 500x580x90mm.
  • Colour: Grey.


Near-Field Base

The NFB is an essential accessory for your music or control room.

It can work miracles on your rooms sound response minimising the physical propagation of vibrations to the nearby surfaces.

Fully adjustable.

There are two different sizes: NFB1 and NFB2.


  • Anti vibration speaker base.
  • Two sizes available
  • Installation: beneath nearfields.
  • Dimensions: NFB1 300x300x117mm.
  • Dimensions: NFB2 430x430x117mm.
  • Colour: Grey.

kick pad

Kick Pad

To tune and get the best sound out of a bass drum is sometimes a hard task.

The Kick Pad was created to absorb unwanted harmonics which are out of tune with the bass drum tone thus making the beat clearer and more defined.

The Punch Master is provided with the Kick Pad. This accessory allows you to fully control the bass drums head vibration accentuating its punch and deepness at every beat. Its ultra light material and attractive design makes it look distint and stylish. It also allows for protection against tearing from cables or mic tripods.


  • Kit includes Kick Pad and Punchmaster.
  • Bass Drum absorbent
  • For all drums ranging between 18" and 24"
  • Reduces unwanted internal reflections
  • Installation: inside the drum
  • Dimensions: 840x560x70mm.
  • Colour: Grey.

drum base

Drum Base

The ATP Drum Base is an anti-vibration platform for drum kits. Composed of 9 pieces that fit together and make up a total area of 4m² (2mx2m)

The material used in the contruction is non-skid, closed cell, recycled rubber of a specific density in order to exert the best inertia on the physical propagation of energy from the kit.

Its easy to assemble on the floor and comes complete with a custom sized carry bag.


  • Anti-vibration platform.
  • Fits most standard kits
  • 68% recycled material
  • Complete with carry bag
  • Installation: on the floor
  • Dimensions: 1970x1970x27mm.
  • Colour: Grey.

drum base


The BABS is an acoustic barrier system ideal for tracking rooms etc. It provides outstanding acoustic separation between each instrument or amplifier thus optimising separation.

It is also the ideal solution for portable acoustic treatment and can be used to improvise a rehearsal room, tracking room or control room etc.

It comes complete with a foot for each module.

Each face is acoustically and aesthetically different. One absorbs more than the other thus giving different acoustic environments.

An optional carry bag is available.


  • Portable acoustics.
  • Two acoustically different faces
  • Optional carry bag
  • Installation: on the floor
  • Dimensions: 1170x550x90mm.
  • Colour: Grey, blue black or beige.

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