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Fabric upholstered sound absorption acoustic panels - Prosonic FG


  • Various edge profiles available.
  • Various mounting systems available.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes.
  • Wide range of fabric colour finishes.
  • Class0 fire rated.


  • Schools.
  • Studios.
  • Offices.
  • Theatres.
  • Auditoriums.
  • Churches.
  • BB93 solutions.
acoustic panels with digitally printed images

Prosonic FG Acoustic Panels have a rigid, acoustic-rated, high quality fibreglass core with a fire class1 or class0 acoustic fabric covering. Available in an extremely wide selection of colours and sizes.

These panels are an efficient, durable, cost-effective solution for reducing excessive reverberation in large spaces.

Units can also be custom made with hooks and wires for easy ceiling mounts or split battens for easy wall mounting which is ideal if you require them to be removable.

acoustic panel with digital printing

Also available with a digitally printed fabric face.

Virtually any image can be used as long as the aspect ratio is maintained and the resolution is high enough for the panel size.

Contact us for more details.


  • Easy installation options
  • Various mounting/fixing options
  • Wide colour range
  • 25mm - 100mm thick
  • Edge profiles options
  • Class A, B, C or D
  • Class0 fire rated.

acoustic panel absorption data
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Standard Unit Construction

  • 600 x 600mm
  • 1200 x 600mm
  • 1200 x 1200mm>
  • 1800 x 1200mm
  • 2400 x 1200mm
  • 3000 x 1200mm
  • 96kg Density Fibreglass
  • Square edges
  • Cara Fabric

Product Options (at additional cost)

Fabric Selection

  • Any acoustically transparent fabric

Unit Size

  • Units can be made with any height up to 3000mm
  • Units can be made with any width up to 1200mm
  • Units can be made with depths between 25mm and 150mm
    (in 25mm increments)
  • Tolerance +/- 3mm


As well as rectangular panels but we can also make square, round, triangular, circular or parallelogram shaped panels.

We can also accomodate cutouts for light sockets, switches, odd angles etc.

Edge Selection

  • Units can be made with either square or beveled.
acoustic panel edge detail


When ordering panels please advise us if you need fixings. Panels are supplied without them unless specifically requested. Certain types need to be specified in advance. There will be an additional cost for supplying various clips, glues, chains, wires, battens etc. If you are unsure about what to use please contact our Technical Department.

timber batten acoustic panel mountfabric covered fibreglass acoustic panels
alibatt acoustic mount

Standard Surface Mount Timber Split Battens.

For wall mounting a split batten is fixed to the wall. The acoustic panel is offered up to the wall brackets and simply lowered in place. The split batten on the back of the panels allows easy removal as well as providing an additional 15mm airspace behind the absorber for improved LF acoustic absorption.

Aluminium Batten

This is a similar method but much thinner. It leaves virtually no gap between the panel and the wall (about 3mm). This system is available for 25 and 50mm thick panels.

 acoustic panel wall spike

Wall Spikes

Metal impaling clips are screwed into the wall.
Adhesive is applied to the panel and the wall.
The panel is then offered up against the wall spikes and fixed in place.
This method does not allow easy removal of the panels.
For smaller panels spikes can be used without adhesive so the panels can be removed however this does not provide a permanent fix so would not be suitable in areas such as schools.

 acoustic panel l bar

Embedded 'L' bar with adjustable wires

This option allows very large heavy panels to be hung from the ceiling at a pre-determined distance.

 acoustic panel z bar

Metal 'Z' Bars

This option allows very large heavy panels to be hung close from the ceiling and is especially suited to sloped ceilings.

 acoustic panel cloud hook

Rings with adjustable wires

Probably the easiest and most versatile method of hanging from ceilings.

The hooks are simply screwed into the panel which can then be hung from chains.

Not generally recommended for large heavy panels.
acoustic panel cloud hook 2
The black backing scrim needs to be cut away before these fixings are screwed in. Contact our technical department for method and placement. This image is not to scale and fixings should not be close to the panel edges.

 magnetic fixings


Ideal for fixing panels to a metal surface.

Ideal if you want the panels to be easily removable.

Can be used for walls or ceilings.

 acoustic panel wire hanging systems

Wire Hanging System

Complete with a 1.5m cable, gated hook end, and wire loop. Fully adjustable with the built in friction clutch. Supplied with the ceiling rings and L bars.

Surrey Square School bespoke suspended acoustic clouds with curves UK Payments Printed Prosonic Panels
7 metre long run of Printed Prosonic Panels in the board room 
UK Payments Printed Prosonic Panels in the reception suspended prosonic fg panels infront of windows
 acoustic panel wires suspension fixings
acoustic panel installacoustic panel install
acoustic panels tiles in a community hallacoustic panels tiles in a school sports hall

acoustic panels tiles in a school sports hallacoustic panels tiles in a school hall

acoustic panels tiles in a vaulted restaurant ceiling acoustic panels tiles in a band practise room on walls and ceiling hung
acoustic panels in a restaurantacoustic panel with custom printed image

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