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Basotect Melatech Melamine class0 acoustic foam sheetBasotect Melatech Melamine class0 acoustic foam sheetBasotect Melatech Melamine class0 acoustic foam sheetBasotect Melatech Melamine class0 acoustic foam sheetBasotect Melatech Melamine class0 acoustic foam sheet

Basotect Melamine lightweigh high performance acoustic foam sheet and parts

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Basotect Melatech melamine based acoustic foam is a unique, flexible, open cell foam, possessing a combination of low weight, a Class 0 fire specification and good sound absorption properties.


Produced from melamine resins, Melamine foam exhibits superior fire, temperature and chemical resistance. Furthermore being halide free, Melamine foam when exposed to either naked flame or extreme heat does not emit any of the toxic by-products associated with conventional polyurethane based acoustic foams.


Melamine's low density and flexibility provide a practical material, convenient to handle, easy to cut and install, either to original equipment or on-site projects. This outstanding versatility, coupled with choice of complementary acoustic materials, e.g. damping sheets, barriers and facings, allows Melatech foam to be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where superior reverberation control is required.

HVAC:fancoil units, plenum and duct linings.
Building Services:wall and ceiling panels for office and conference suites, plant rooms etc.
General Industrial:enclosure linings and suspended absorbers
Marine:engine rooms and accomodation areas
Sports and Leisure:theatre and cinema auditoria, swimming and ice arena complexes, lecture halls.
Power Generation:case linings, splitter and louvre infill.
melamine acoustic foam
Facing Options
FGC.BK:Black/White weavelocked glass cloth.
FPG.WH:White polyurethane coated glass cloth.
FPF.BK:Black/White Polyurethane film.
FPPD:Perforated black/white/grey PVC facing.
FAG:Aluminium foil laminated to glass fibre fabric.
FOF:Reinforced aluminium foil.
FMP:Metalised polyester film.
FMP.SC:Metalised polyester film with scrim.
FVT.BK:Black viscose tissue.
SB:Spray applied black/white/grey PVC.
All the above also available with self adhesive (SA) backing.

melamine acoustic foam with tuned surface applied facings

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We have developed a number of specialist facings with particular foams for improved low frequency absorption which is often required when dealing with industrial noise issues, machine enclosures and fan casings etc. We have managed to achieve 50% efficiency as low as 125Hz and 100% efficiency from 200Hz upwards.

The acoustic test data is shown on the right but its a good idea to discuss your requirements with our technical team.

more acoustic foam facing test data

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We can also cut this foam to specific OEM Cut Parts as well as produce acoustic foam tiles of any size up to 1200x1200mm. Tiles can have straight or bevelled edges in thicknesses from 25mm to 150mm. OEM Cut Parts can easily be supplied in pre-cut kit form.

bevelled edge melamine acoustic foam
ColourLight Grey (or RAL painted)
Size2.5m x 1.25m standard
Custom Cutting Tolerance:±3mm to ±5mm depending on thickness and size
Thickness12mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm as standard (We can cut other thicknesses on request).
Tensile Strength120kPa
Hardness40% deformation : 7-20kPa
Compression Set50% at 70°C for 22 hours : 10%-20%
Cell Count130-200 ppi approx
Thermal Conductivity0.035W/mK @ 10°C
Service Temperatures1,000h: 220°C
5,000h: 200°C
20,000h: 180°C
ToxicityDIN 4102 Class A2
Chemical ResistanceResistant to hydrolysis, alcohols, hydrocarbons, most organic solvents and dilute acids & bases.
Fire Characteristics
DIN 4102B1
UL 94V-O, HF-1
BS 476, part 6/7Class O
FMVSS 302fulfilled

acoustic foam facing data

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Please Note:

Although a superb acoustic foam this material does tend to expand and contract due to temperature and humidity so allowances should be made if fitting to an exact space.
Due to the absorption behaviour of melamine resins and the open cell structure of the foam, the moisture content of the material changes as a function of ambient conditions. This is associated with changes in the dimensions that occur similarly in the case of wood, concrete or tiles. This behaviour must be taken into consideration during application specification. The foam should be stored for at least 3 days prior to use under the atmospheric conditions corresponding to its later use.

melamine acoustic foam moisture graph ral-painted-melamine-acoustic-foam
ral-painted-melamine-acoustic-foam star ral-painted-melamine-acoustic-foam wedge
ral-painted-melamine-acoustic-foam wave ral-painted-melamine-acoustic-foam convoluted

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