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isoboard 15 acoustic flooringisoboard 15 acoustic flooringisoboard 15 acoustic flooringisoboard 15 acoustic flooringisoboard 15 acoustic flooring


  • Separating Floors.
  • Concrete Floors.
  • Robust Detail FFT5 Compliant.
  • Kitchen and bathroom areas.


  • Robust Detail Compliant FFT5.
  • Provides significant reduction in impact noise and vibration.
  • Easy to install.
  • 15mm thick, does not significantly increase the floor level.
  • Handy size 1200x600mm sheets.
isoboard acoustic overlay 15T

Acoustic Overlay Board IsoBoard 15T

Acoustic overlay board Type 15 is designed to provide excellent acoustic sound insulation with ease of installation. No need for separate isolation layers and T&G chipboard. The product is a pre-bonded laminate of 6mm Recycled Isofiber resilient felt bonded to the bottom of a strong, thin, 9mm tongue and grooved moisture resistant MDF chipboard.

Supplied in handy sized 1200x600mm sheets for ease of installation this thin 15mm composite board is one of the thinnest and hardwearing solutions available.

Tested Performance of the Above Structure:-
  Airbourne              Impact
DnT,w+Ctr=  48dB    L'nT,w=  52dB

For concrete floors. IsoBoard 15 meets the Robust Details for Floating Floor Treatment 5 (FFT-5), for constructions E-FC-1, E-FC-2 and E-FS-1.

Tested Performance of the Above Structure:-
  Airbourne              Impact
DnT,w+Ctr=  51dB    L'nT,w=  52dB


  • Lay the boarding over a level floor, in a stretcher bond pattern, applying wood glue to all tongued and grooved panel joints.
  • Fix the acoustic flanking band to the edges of the boards before they are pushed up against the perimeter walls to isolate the boards from touching the wall.
  • Install the skirting ontop of the flanking strip then cut away any excess flanking strip.
Sheet Size:1200 x 600mm
Approx. weight:7kg/m²
Full System Fire Protection:60 minutes

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