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I-LuxB-timber panels slatI-LuxB-timber panels slatI-LuxB timber panels slatI-LuxB timber panels slatI-LuxB timber panels slat

  • Modular Timber Slats.
  • Simple and easy to fix and remove.
  • Available in four standard configurations.
  • Available in a wide range of finishes.
  • Available in Fire Class2 or Class0.
  • Can be used with a black T24 grid.
  • Can be used on walls.
  • Schools.
  • Lobbies.
  • Offices.
  • Meeting Rooms.
  • Halls.
  • Hotels.
  • Auditoriums.

I-LuxB Modular Timber Slats Acoustic Panel Systems
for Walls and Ceilings

I-Lux slats acoustic timber panel systems I-Lux slats acoustic timber panel systems
  • The I-LuxB is a modular 1935 x 595mm timber slatted acoustic panel which can offer very high levels of acoustic absorption due to its large open area in front of the black tissue faced absorbent material that needs to be placed behind.
  • Battens are joined using an interlocking black rear batten.
  • It is available in four standard timbers Iroko, Beech, Oak and Pine but can also be colour lacquered, painted, varnished, stained etc.
  • Unlike cheaper import imitations which require onsite lacquering to upgrade to Class0 our panels can be supplied in a Class0 Fire Rating thus saving substantial labour time.
  • The slats are connected black rear battens. Gaps can be left either visible or hidden with a black tissue faced fibre.

ilux B photo ilux B side view photo showing 600x600mm sample panel
iluxB showing optional rear black tissue faced fibreglass half removed
ilux b showing rear black battens 
timber slat configuration options


  • 1935x595x33mm - slats of 22x45mm (slat spacing 41mm)
  • 1935x595x33mm - slats of 90x22mm (slat spacing 30mm)
  • 1935x595x56mm - slats of 45x22mm (slat spacing 38mm)
  • 1935x595x81mm - slats of 70x22mm (slat spacing 64mm)

Technical Details





No. of rear battens:

3 (start/middle module), 4 (end module)

No of slats:

Dependent on configuration


Optional 25mm black tissue faced fibre


B-s1-d0 Autoclave treatment

Optional acoustic backing:

25mm thick, 100kg/m³ with black tissue facing

Environmental Conditions:

Must be between 18-20°C; and RH between 40-60%

Acoustic Performance

Tested beneath a concrete ceiling with a 210mm plenum and 40mm rockwool sitting on the rear of the suspended panel.
NRC - 0.90
αw- 0.85
Class B (for option 1) Class A (for option 3 and 4)

Standard Timbers

Softwood pine is the standard timber although other options are available at extra cost.

pine wood finish option

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