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Genie clip acoustic mountGenie clip acoustic mountGenie clip acoustic mountGenie clip acoustic mountGenie clip acoustic mount UK

Genie Clip LB2 Acoustic Ceiling Bracket


  • Deep joist acoustic ceiling.
  • Can be used to meet New Building Regs.
  • Uprating ceiling acoustic ceilings.


  • Easy DIY Installation.
  • Minimum loss of room space.
  • Significant low frequency Improvements
genie clip image genie clip

Genie Clip has been specifically engineered to provide enhanced acoustic performance for the reduction of impact and airborne sound through wall and ceiling assemblies.

It is made from recycled components and engineered in a way which allows for a reduction in the overall assembled weight of traditional constructions.

Genie Clip is quick and easy to install with the proprietary furring channel. It is extremely stable when held in place with a single screw. The furring channel is simply clipped into the Genie Clip and the plasterboard can be immediately installed. Only one screw is required to install each clip.

genie clip installation
genie clip

genie clip

Furring channel1200mm
Furring channel1850mm
acoustic flanking strip for perimeter isolation

This optional 45mm deep acoustic flanking strip is ideal for keeping the plasterboard from touching the floor/wall/ceiling. Any excess can be cut away before applying the acoustic sealant. In many instances it can be pulled out after the plasterboard adhesive has dried.

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