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circular Acoustic Silencerscircular Acoustic Silencerscircular Acoustic Silencerscircular Acoustic Silencerscircular Acoustic Silencers

circular acoustic Silencers 

Cicular silencers constructed with a mineral wool absorbent material covered with perforated metal sheet with an exterior cover of seamed sheet metal.

These units reduce the noise transmitted through ducts produced by fans. Supplied in a wide range of standard and bespoke sizes.
For connection to circular ventilation ductwork pipes manufactured with helicoid seams. Ideal for ventilation and smoke extraction units etc.

Cover:Seamed galvanised sheet metal
Interior absorbent:Mineral wool
Interior:Perforated metal sheet
Options:Elastic mouth, special flanges, supports, flat exterior sheet metal
Principle:Flow through absorbent
Maximum applicable pressure:200 mm.c.d.a. (1961Pa)
Insulation:50 or 100mm.

Silencer Elbows

Ideal for use in those ventilation systems where the instalation of straight silencers is not possible, or as a complement to them. There are different angles available depending on requirements 30, 45, 60 and 90°

acoustic silencer diagram

Energy losses are less than 30Pa.
To avoid the generation of turbulent noise it is recommended not to work at airflow velocities over 10 m/s.

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