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Sylomer Acoustic Pads

sylomer acoustic pads

The pieces are made of Sylomer, which is a very effective material for reducing the transmission of the noise and vibrations thank to its mechanical and elastic proprieties. The microcellular structure provides optimal isolation values with little deflection.

There are three different Sylomer densities available to ideally suit different required load ranges.

The possibility to cut easily the required piece number according to the load by support makes this product very useful for all kinds of machinery, and flooring, thank to its adaptability.

The overal pad size is 300x300mm but each mini-pad is 50x50mm. The load per piece is for each 50x50mm mini-pad which allows fo a wide range of applications. Care should be taken to ensure that any weight is distributed across the whole surface of whatever size of pad is selected. Sometimes this may require a piece of metal or stiff timber to spread the load uniformly across the entirity of the pad size.

sylomer pad dimensions
  • Great isolation: Thanks to the anti-vibration characteristics of the Sylomer, low natural frequencies are assured, so that optimum isolation values are achieved.
  • Chemical resistance: It remains stable under the interaction of most chemical agents such as oils, grease, solvents, petrol, etc.
  • Durability: Mechanical proprieties remain intact along the years, no maintenance is necessary.
  • Versatility: It is right for most of the machines such as, chillers, compressors, diesel generators, HVAC units, lathes, presses, saws, etc.
  • Simple and easy installation: As it is easy to cut the required pieces, it is suitable to most kind of machinery and supports.
TypeLoad per pieceThicknessNatural Freq.Part Code
SR 11020kg12.5mm20.1Hz707601
SR 11020kg25mm13.7Hz707602
SR 22040kg12.5mm17.4Hz707603
SR 22040kg25mm11.4Hz707604
SR 45080kg12.5mm16.1Hz707605
SR 45080kg25mm10.6Hz707606

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