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suspended acoustic discs

ProSonic Shape Ceiling Clouds are a very effective way to treat excessive reverberation and noise especially in larger spaces with higher ceilings.

The panels are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and at only 25mm thick will provide for Class A acoustic absorption if suspended 100mm.

Supplied complete with spiral hooks, 2m cables with adjustable height clutch for easy adjustment.

The installation image on the left is not to scale and should only be used as a guide. The larger the panels are the further in from the edge the spiral hooks need to be. If they are too close to the edge not only will the wires be clearly visible but the panels may sag slightly due to excessive uneven loading. If in doubt contact our technical department.

Colour:Select from the range of Cara here.
Fire Rating:Class 0
Thickness:25mm. (40mm optional)

Absorption Coefficient with 100mm suspension
Frequency (Hz)1252505001k2k4kNRCClass

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