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ProSonic Acoustic CubesProSonic Acoustic CubesProSonic Acoustic CubesProSonic Acoustic CubesProSonic Acoustic Cubes

Acoustic suspended cubes, lightweight, for sound absorption in high ceiling spaces

suspended acoustic cubes

A mix of different sizes of Prosonic Cubes of different hanging heights, creates a completely new look - playful and colourful.
Now you can create artistic effects with acoustic objects

Acoustic Cubes can be stacked on the floor to create acoustic walls to mark out quieter zones, in the form of an L or T. This is ideal for nursery type applications. It is up to the individual to create the arrangement that provides the best solution. The shape can be tailored to accommodate external requirements and the size of the quiet zone concerned.

The large cubes are decorative blocks with excellent acoustic properties. They can be repositioned easily to accommodate a change to the acoustic conditions, such as a nursery or conference room reorganisation, or for an impromptu briefing in the cafeteria. Totally repositionable, they instantly introduce warmth and comfort.

suspended acoustic cubes
music practice room acoustic cubes dining hall acoustic cubes
Standard Colours:Black, White, Yellow, Red and Blue.
Size small cube:400x400x400mm
Size large cube:600x600x600mm
Fire Rating:Class 0
Weight small cube:approx. 1kg
Weight large cube:approx. 2kg
Frequency (Hz)1252505001k2k4k5k
Small cube0.310.881.
Large cube0.971.972.572.562.372.352.35

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