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Suspended acoustic ceiling baffles for reducing noise levels in large buildings - WideBaffle

Acoustic baffles suspended acoustic absorbers 

Widebaffle suspended acoustic baffles are available in several standard types but also available bespoke to design. Acoustic baffles are ideal for reducing reverberation times in larger spaces such as gyms, pools, cafeteria, churches, factories and large halls etc.

These panels are simply suspended from wires, using rings hooks, as they only weigh 1kg per panel. They can also be stuck to wall surfaces if required.
Widebaffle profiled acoustic foam baffles are available in two types of profile and 3 different foam colours:

  • Type WBF120
  • Type WLS120
  • Size: 1200x600x80mm
  • Fire resistance: M1 except the melamine versions which are Class0
widebaffle foam colours
Acoustic baffles suspended acoustic absorbers Acoustic baffles suspended acoustic absorbers


Alternatively we can cut plain square edged, non-profiled acoustic foam, for the most cost effective baffles or we can look at customers own requirements which may be project specific. Please contact our Technical Department for further details.

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